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  • 1Litwin ksa provides a comprehensive range of services to investors, helping them to realise the maximum value from their investments.
  • Litwin ksa tailors it’s offering to meet each individual clients specific requirements but services include acting as the primary interface with project stakeholders, ensuring compliance with financial and regulatory conditions, providing expert technical support and developing the projects operational strategy. also provides a full range of general management services including HR, ICT systems, health and safety management and PR management.
  • In addition, Litwin ksa & Allie’s are having access to a vast range of experience and knowledge clients also have the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed management response and access to extensive reporting tailored to suit their individual needs.

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2Litwin ksa has very experienced allies team in procurement, commercial and optimisation specialists.
This team support clients in many areas including:

  • Identification of high level commercial issues associated with different project options
  • Commercial modelling of different project options
  • Drafting of Engineer, Procure and Construction (EPC) contracts
  • Management of Invitation To Tender (ITT) processes
  • Development of energy offtake agreements
  • Development/review of energy supply agreements for process requirements
  • Supporting the client in the preparation and delivery of investor presentations
  • Development of a procurement plan for ongoing material requirements
  • Procurement of spares and all materials required for operations

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3The Litwin & allies developed the project teams for KSA major Projects.

Litwin together with other allie’s have the know-How to all areas of design including general site, gas turbines, steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, cooling systems, export capacities and site services in order to meet the project requirements. In particular, the group has considered areas such as:

  • Liaison with OEMs for best fits
  • Operating flexibility i.e. baseload, part-load, two shifting, peaking
  • HRSG selection – conventional versus once through
  • Cooling Tower – wet versus dry
  • Fuel flexibility i.e. fuel spiking
  • Integration of customers steam requirements
  • Reliability and availability
  • Redundancy for maintaining steam supplies
  • Operating efficiencies
  • Environmental requirements
  • Compliance with Grid Operator requirements

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4Litwin Allie’s, Top-Tech engineering and consultancy team has extensive experience in developing feasibility and FEED studies for an array of international clients across the spectrum of industry.

The main commercial purpose of a feasibility study is to evaluate the economic viability of the proposed project and answer the question: “Does the idea make economic sense?” The study should investigate the business opportunity, including investigation of all the difficulties and risks that may stand in the way of the project’s success. The conclusion of the feasibility study will indicate whether or not to proceed with the proposed project. If the results of the feasibility study are positive, then the next stage would be to undertake a FEED study.

A feasibility study examines three main areas:

  • Market (internal/external)
  • Technical and organisational
  • Financial

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  • 5A Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) study is a vital starting point for any industrial development. Litwin ksa has the expertise and resources to help you at every stage of the process.
  • Coming after the feasibility study, the FEED focuses on the key technical requirements of the project as well as high level investment costs and is used as the basis for developing the detailed design and supporting EPC tender packages.
  • At Litwin ksa we understand the importance of this critical stage in project development and we ensure that the study reflects client’s specific requirements by maintaining close communication throughout the duration of the study.

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6Litwin KSA approach to conducting a design review of reliability and maintainability is centred on the production of a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) study.

This study sets out to ensure that the facility being modeled will achieve its designed (or target) availability. A typical RAM study will investigate the major process units and takes account of redundancy, planned and unplanned shut downs.

The RAM study will aim to identify the probability that an asset will fail and, upon failure, how long it will take to repair. The benefits of undertaking such as study include:

  • Estimation, prediction and confirmation of future production performance against the target0
  • Indentification of critical loss contributors in order to make informed design improvement decisions
  • Indentification of malfunctioning/poor standard equipment by comparison with predictions
  • Provision of valuable information to determine the correct maintenance strategies and philosophies

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7Litwin ksa has managed number of project developments for its own business as well as on behalf of its clients. A critical element of project development is ensuring that all relevant consents and approvals are obtained.

Litwin ksa can co-ordinate all relevant compliance activities and provide the following services:

  • Management of planning conditions to ensure compliance
  • Completion of environmental permit applications
  • Interface with legal bodies i.e. HSE /EA /Local Authorities

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8An Owner’s Engineer plays a critical role supporting and supplementing a project/plant owner’s resources, acting as an independent advocate.

Senior members of Litwin’s engineering consultancy team are acting as an Owner’s Engineer on several high profile projects. The Litwin & Allie’s team work across many industries such as waste management, power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical and large scale commercial property.

Litwin ksa offers a flexible approach and understands that clients may have very different requirements. The role may be narrow and well defined acting purely as technical reviewer, or Litwin ksa may effectively be a full time extension of the owner’s team helping to manage the project from start to finish. Litwin ksa has provided services & worked on large complex new build projects as well as smaller plant upgrade projects.

Experience has proven that an integrated team approach with the project owner provides benefits in terms of project cost, schedule and quality control. A close, long term relationship ensures that objectives are fully aligned.

Services which may be provided as part of the Owner’s Engineer role include:

  • Establishing the project scope, execution and management procedures, overall project control, responsibilities and levels of authorization
  • Developing a manual of project procedures for all stages of the project
  • Reviewing the project contract estimate and cash flow forecast and establishing a cost management process
  • Preparing the master programme and progress measurement process
  • Reviewing & supporting the EPC contractors procurement procedures, the schedule of equipment and construction work packages for procurement purposes, the preferred suppliers and subcontractors list
  • With the client establishing a change management process
  • Preparing HS&E procedures covering all aspects and stages of the project
  • Managing all project engineering and design requirements, criteria, standards and control procedures
  • Providing assistance in procurement related activities as instructed by the client e.g. assess and verify specifications, enquiries, tenders, expediting and inspection
  • Ensuring all paperwork is completed to ensure smooth commissioning and start up
  • Managing the site establishment works and controling the site facilities
  • Supervising the suppliers outside the EPC contract and the EPC contractor to ensure compliance with tender
  • Monitoring construction and commissioning of the project, including HS&E issues and training of clients personnel to ensure compliance with the conditions of contract, specifications and drawings
  • Ensuring proper issuance of Take Over and Final Acceptance Certificates as appropriate
  • Identifying and instructing EPC contractor of defects and outstanding works and managing ensuing remedial works
  • Receiving, reviewing and approving as built drawings and documentation
  • Submitting regular progress reports to the client covering all aspects of the project
  • Assisting the client in project close out and document/records archiving

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9Litwin KSA designs, engineers and manages projects across the whole range of engineering sectors. We have the flexibility and the strength to be able to deliver large or small projects successfully anywhere in the world.

  • The engineering disciplines we cover include:
    • Process engineering
    • Piping engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Material handling
    • Instrument and control engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Civil and structural engineering
    • Building services

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Project Management”]10In order to succeed a project must be properly managed through all phases, from initial concept development right through to commercial operations.

The aim throughout should be to safeguard safety and quality, while controlling both costs and programme. Litwin’s tried and tested processes and control procedures are designed to minimize the risk of failure (in terms of safety, time, and cost) and to ensure construction of a plant which meets the client’s specified requirements (in terms of product specification, plant performance, build quality and HS&E considerations).

Services provided by the Litwin KSA & Allie’s include:

  • Project procedure development and implementation
  • Health & safety management
  • Quality Management System (QMS) development and implementation
  • Programming and progress measurement
  • Control estimate and cost management
  • Document control
  • Project reporting
  • CDM management

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=” Commissioning Support Services”]11The Litwin ksa team has provided a wide range of engineering, commissioning and operational services to a diverse range of EPC & energy infrastructure projects throughout the world.

The scope of Litwin’s role varies depending on the clients requirements, however typical involvement includes:

Supporting Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Developing system commissioning programmes
  • Reviewing handover packages
  • Performing pre-commissioning, commissioning and post commissioning activities in accordance with manufacturer recommendations
  • Reviewing and commenting on Operations and Maintenance manuals
  • Supervising sub contractors
  • Completing plant item and system check lists
  • Preparing system handover documents including commissioning programmes, check sheets, P&IDs and single line diagrams
  • Managing routine maintenance
  • Working with the OEM’s to deliver training packages for the Operations and Maintenance team

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  • 12Litwin ksa is committed to world class standards of safety, health and environmental control and avoiding all cases of workplace ill health, injuries and incidents, including damage to the environment.
  • This is achieved by the creation of working conditions that encourage positive attitudes, behaviours and contributions from all personnel.
  • “Safety to us is very simple really, I just don’t want anyone going home with a problem they didn’t have when they arrived… No task is so important that it cannot be carried out safely.”

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13A professional and experienced procurement team is fundamental to any project. Litwin ksa objective is to ensure cost effective purchasing of high quality goods and services in a timeframe to meet the construction schedule, whilst maintaining the tightest cash flow.
Depending on the role being undertaken, services provided by the px group may include:

  • Pre-qualification
  • Conditions of contract and purchase
  • Issue of enquiries
  • Bid appraisal and evaluation
  • Clarifications and negotiations
  • Issue of orders
  • Expediting
  • Inspecting
  • Clearance for shipping
  • Shipping and deliveries
  • Invoice receipt, checking and payment approvals

In order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality, px only uses suppliers who have taken part in a rigorous and competitive tender process; evaluating them on health and safety standards, quality, cost, technical capability, and financial standing.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Human Resource Management”]in Industrial consultancy services

  • 14Litwin ksa provides award winning comprehensive HR, compensation and benefits services that have been developed since long experience of dealing with operational staff and the associated issues.
  • We recognize that the culture of a business is very different to that of a nine to five company. Lksa & Allie’s have qualified staff and is licensed to conduct industry recognized personality profile, aptitude and competency assessments for new employees. This ensures that the right calibre of person is recruited for the required plant role. Lksa has developed a thorough recruitment process that ensures individuals with the correct competencies, skills and attitudes are matched to the job positions on offer. This creates, from the moment of employment, the teamwork and performance culture expected of our operating teams.
  • To ensure this culture is nurtured and encouraged to grow means that a significant HR support effort is required. Lksa has developed its own electronic HR management system to support plant managers and supervisors to ensure performance is constantly monitored and managed. This ensures that personnel issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively whilst also ensuring succession and talent are carefully planned and managed.
  • Lksa has also developed competency matrices that meet business and regulatory requirements, also enabling employees to plan their own careers. These initiatives are supported by the Institute Of Leadership & Management programmes as well as in-house personal development courses such as the Lksa programme. The diversity of operations within Lksa also provides a career progression path for exceptional performers. This means that well considered succession planning occurs at every Lksa operational plant and knowledge is retained within the business to the benefit of our clients.
  • In addition to the competence development process a long term training plan for all employees is developed covering both skills and safety training.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Decommissioning & Recommissioning”]in Industrial consultancy services

15LKSA’s experience makes it ideally suited to the management of Decommissioning, Pre-Operation and Recommissioning projects.

Activities typically include:

  • Scope definition
  • Impact assessment
  • Identification of required assessments e.g. safety, environmental
  • Development of detailed decommissioning / recommissioning plan including operations, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation plans
  • Development of detailed project budget
  • Identification of resources
  • Creation of a risk matrix
  • Completion of physical decommissioning/ pre-operation / recommissioning activities in accordance with project plan.

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16LKSA offers a range of additional services including energy trading and corporate management services.
commercial management / trading

The safe and efficient operation of any facility is essential. However, without the support of a high quality commercial infrastructure, the project will not achieve maximum commercial success.

Lksa has expertise with over 20 years of experience in the power and gas markets, and can provide commercial management and gas and power trading services. from KSA, GCC & UK based Energy Management Centre to a number of customers. In addition, px also handles the purchase and supply of LPG back-up fuels.

The ability to provide these services gives px a unique understanding of the commercial aspects of a facility, which enables us to better integrate the delivery of O&M services with the site’s commercial operation. By integrating the commercial management of the station with the operating teams, additional value can be created and opportunities in the market seized.
corporate management services

Lksa manages a number of companies on behalf of our clients with Litwin ksa Al Khobar being the KSA registered office.

A brief list of some of the corporate management services Lksa can provide are given below:

  • Management of industrial investments and benefits
  • Preparation and validation of facility Annual Operating Plans (AOP’s)
  • Corporation investment returns
  • Setting up industrial management services contracts
  • Draft annual statutory Inspection Procedures
  • Preparation and submission of plant QA/QC Inspection & audit reports.
  • Preparation and submission of plant technical & commercial evaluation reports
  • Preparation and submission of safety and environmental returns
  • Negotiating and implementing appropriate industrial investment demands

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  • 17All LKSA’s allies design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities are controlled under an ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System (QMS). This assures all client’s that Lksa will deliver exactly what is required, on time, on budget and to an appropriate quality.
  • The Lksa/ allies QMS is available to all its personnel, whether at head office or on site, via the Lksa allies intranet and this on-line access guarantees up-to-date standards and procedures are accessible throughout the distributed organisation. Lksa takes pride in the quality of the work it undertakes as evidenced by their investment in developing and implementing the QMS. Poor quality work from sub- contractors working under Lksa management is never tolerated.