Copperweld Value Proposition

  • The Superior Solution for ALL Wire and Cable Applications
  • Customer Focused Approach to Service and Delivery
  • Unparalleled Focus on Quality
    • highest-quality core materials
    • spot-check samples of all our raw materials to ensure standards
    • no inconsistency in thickness, no dripping, peeling or cracking to risk oxidation.
    • inline and destructive testing
    • internal quality checks
  • ISO 9001 register


Bimetallic Options

Genuine Copperweld® Copper-Clad Steel (CCS)

  • Core of low-carbon steel
  • Excellent strength and fatigue properties
  • Up to 5X stronger than solid copper
  • Outer layer of copper
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Conductive
  • Easily connected
  • Available in 21%, 30%, or 40% IACS
  • Light weight of steel
  • 10% lighter than solid copper

Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA)

  • Light weight of aluminum
  • 62% lighter than solid copper
  • Connectivity, easy drawing, and formability of copper
  • Strength comparable to solid copper (depending on temper)
  • Available in 10% or 15% copper by volume
  • Exclusive continuous process means weld free products
  • Highest quality specified aluminum and oxygen-free copper


Cladding: Joining Two Metals

A permanent, metallurgical bond

  • Core of one metal (steel or aluminum)
  • Skin of another metal (copper) with other properties
  • Combined, the properties are a composite of both materials
  • Wire can be drawn to any size and strip rolled to any gage with cladding ratio remaining constant



  • Bimetallic wire looks, handles and connects just like copper, but Copperweld® CCS and CCA offer all the advantages of the core materials (steel and aluminum)— including cost.
  • Bimetallics bring many advantages to bear, including increased strength and lighter weight.